Dragon Shito-Ryu Karate Do Founder

In the year 1982, August Sensei.S.Senthil Kumar started to learn Karate. After 10 years in 1993, he upgraded to Black Belt. Then in 1989 he first started his karate class as an Instructor in Thirvaiyaru Dist. and also in the same year he created the Dragon Karate school and trained karate for many students and developed the karate. From the year 1996 by training many karate students and with the support of his student Prasanna during his collegiate year, Sensei.Senthil Kumar commenced branches in other districts like Thiruvaiyaru, Needamangalam, Manaarkudi, Valangaimaan, Nanilam, Thiruvarur, Velangani, Nagapattinam & Ariyalur and extended his karate school. He trained and created more than 350 black belt students. In the same period of year only he started to create black belt students. From 1996-2004 he has been Secretary of Thanjavur district association.

His Training Period:

From year 1982-1986 at first he has been practiced under Sensei.Reynold.

1987-1991: practiced under Sensei. Chandra sekar.

1992-2005: practiced under Sensei. Jacob.

2006-Till now: practicing under Kyoshi.C.S.Arun Machaiah.


In 1988 he has mentored karate for 600 members of Thanjavur Reserve police department for trimester period.

In 1997 at Gurudhayal Sharma Mandapam, Thanjavur he organized a very grand karate demonstration.

In 2000 for the first time his karate team was merged with the SHITO- RYU karate association with the support of Sensei. Jacob and Sensei. C.S.Arun Machaiah organised National level Karate Tournament at Darjeeling, West Bengal and from Thanjavur 10 students have participated in that tournament and won prizes. Out of that group 5 male students and 1 female student have selected for the International karate tournament.

In 2001 The Senior Karate Master Sensei. Alan from Canada who introduced Shito-Ryu karate has come about for the National Level Karate tournament which has been happened in Bangalore, for this tournament from Dragon Karate school 30 students have participated and got many prizes.

In 2002 National level shito – Ryu karate tournament has been took place in Dhindugal with the special chief guest and the senior karate master Sensei. Alan from Canada, Shito-Ryu association President Sensei.Meeguchi has also taken part in this tournament. For this tournament from Dragon karate school more than 30 students has been participated and won many prizes.

In 2004 All India Shito-Ryu Karate Tournament took place at Orissa which is organized by Sensei.C.S.Arun Machaiah and from Dragon Shito Ryu karate school 35 students have been participated and won many prizes in various category.

The karate camp which was organized at Madurai in 2006, Dragon karate school students have participated and students were trained by Sensei. Wong, Secretary of Shito – Ryu karate association.

In 2007 All India Shito-Ryu karate Federation President. Sensei.C.S.Arun Machaiah has been taken part as the special chief guest for the 6th Zonal school level karate tournament which happened at Thanjavur.

The Karate Camp Conducted by Sensei. Wong in Mysore at 2009 and in it 45 students from Dragon Karate School have participated.

Karate camp has be conducted in Mysore in 2011 and for the first time Sensei.Sukamotto(Japan) from World Shito- Ryu federation has taken part in this karate camp event with two other Japan Trainers Sensei.Kwatta(Japan) and Singapore Karate association Treasurer Sensei. Wong and Malaysia karate association president Sensei. George ton with these great masters trained the very grand and successful camp has been organised by All India Shito-Ryu karate association president C.S.Arun Machaiah. Dragon Karate school students 60 members has been participated in that special camp.

From 2002 to till 2018 State level school karate tournaments has been conducted continuously by Sensei.S.Senthil Kumar and in the year 1998 all karate association has been created by him.

In 1998 -2004 he has been the Secretary of the karate association and he has also worked as Technical Director of Thiruvarur district karate association.

In 2006 he has united as a member in Singapore karate association and in the same year he has got the authorization and recognition from Singapore Shito-Ryu karate association to begin karate training schools all over India.

In 2007 he got the posting as Executive member in All India Shito-Ryu Karate Federation and also he has given interview in All India Radio station under the title “Karka Elidhu Karate”.

2011-2014 He has acquired the post in All India Shito-Ryu karate federation as General Secretary.

In 2012 December, He has been participated in Asia Pacific Shito-Ryu karate Tournament has been held at Hong Kong.

In 2014 Singapore Shito-Ryu karate association senior karate master Sensei. Wong has invited to Thanjavur, Tamil Nadu for the very grand technical Camp. That was the very first time to conduct the karate camp from inviting master from foreign country.

And in 2014 December, A.P.S.K.F tournament has been organized at Singapore and 10 students from Dragon Karate School has participated in that tournament.

On 5th January 2018, he was awarded “THARKAPPU KALAI YOGI” in Thiruvaiyaru from Elango Kamban literature association.

In 2018 November, the Dragon Karate school team of 10 members has participated in A.P.S.K.F tournament which held at Indonesia, Jakarta.